We all have this one thing in common right now: the collapse of structures and certainties that we‘ve been taking for granted. This can provoke fears, overwhelm and it suddenly is so important what is important in the face of every brutal change – that we don’t get a tunnel view, but stay attentive to different nuances. 

That we recognise our losses (of habits, of apparent securities, of external freedom, perhaps even of loved ones), but don‘t forget what nothing and nobody can ever take from us (our sovereignty, our creativity, our love, our courage). That we embrace our disorientation and personal fears – without overlooking that there are always aspects that we have under control and that, despite of the isolation, we can be there for each other. That we recognise our overwhelm with non-stop information and demands on so many levels, but also set priorities, boundaries and give room to that newly found clarity about the people and aspects of our lives that we truly cherish.

A so-called crisis and great happiness have one thing in common: both can inspire us to ask big questions – about what we want for us and what we want to give to and create for our world, no matter how big or small – questions about who we are and where we want to go. Whether the structures for this path already exist, or whether we have to create them ourselves. When something breaks into a thousand pieces, we always have a choice: to collect the parts and stick them back together, or to create something from scratch that is more accurate, more exciting, more beautiful.

Welcome – i’d be glad if the thoughts I’m sharing on my blog inspired you. I hope you are well in these charged times and I would love to connect with you.


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Image: Kate Smr // Unsplash

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