Mexico in its infinite beauty and abundance of color, light and space once gifted me the freedom to nurture my questions with just that: color, light and space.

Now that I’ve returned to Paris with my family, I often feel too far from the place that felt like home; sometimes I look out the window, asking the same questions I’ve always been carrying in my heart – about truth, love, possibility – and write about them, almost as if they were letters to my beloved Mexico.

I want to share them with you here and inspire you to grant your own unique quest the undivided attention and love it deserves. And I’d love to know one day where and when it is that you feel most at home.

Christiane simon

Born in Germany, lived in France, Netherlands and Mexico. Studied literature, languages, art and psychology. Writer, dreamer, mentor, mom to two.

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Image: Roberto Nickson // Pexels